Ideas To Implement For A Lash Studio Sign

Posted on: 30 March 2023

If you've recently completed your training as an eyelash technician and you're excited to open your first lash studio in your community, one of your priorities will be to get a sign for the exterior of your building. The sign will feature your lash studio's name, but should also have some stylistic elements that help it stand apart from any other business signs in the area. It's a good idea to work with a custom sign company that has experience producing signs for all sorts of businesses because they may have some ideas that can give visual appeal to your lash studio sign. Here are some ideas for this type of sign. 

Lash Graphic

A good way to give your lash studio sign a unique and stylish look is to include a graphic that depicts a set of eyelashes. There are lots of ways that the eyelashes can appear, but one option is to have them appear above a certain letter in the sign — ideally, a round letter that somewhat looks like an eye. For example, if you have the letter "O" in your sign, having the sign feature a lash graphic above the letter will help to reinforce what type of business you operate.

Pink Color

While various color schemes can work well for a lash studio, don't overlook the value of pink. Many people see pink as a feminine color, and the vast majority of your clientele will be women. While pink elements, such as pink carpet and pink furniture can be fun inside your location, you may also wish to have your sign feature some pink. Perhaps you want one part of it to be pink neon to attract attention, or maybe you want the whole sign to have a subtle pink hue to offer a gentle, feminine look.

List Of Services

The name of your business and a lash graphic will quickly make it apparent what type of business you operate, but it's useful to include some other services on your sign. For example, many lash studios have services such as eyebrow tinting, waxing, and more, and you want these services to be evident when someone looks at your sign. A good sign design could feature the name of your business with three or four additional services appearing in a smaller text size below.

Discuss these ideas with a custom sign company to produce a stylish sign for your new lash studio. Contact a local custom sign service to learn more.