Online Career Development Tools For Freelancers

Posted on: 14 July 2021

Freelancing and independent contracting are becoming increasingly popular. It benefits both businesses and their workers. If you are considering working from home, there are some tools that may help. These online career development tools can help you find new work, enhance your resume, and find a higher-paying job. Here are a few of these tools to consider and what to know about them. 

Resume Tools

For some people, the resume is the key to developing a career path. You may have the experience and qualifications, but if the resume doesn't support that information, you may miss out on the job. An important online career development tool is resume writing or building. This tool will allow you to review your resume, make suggested changes, or escalate the resume for a professional resume writer to handle. This tool will also explain why certain sections are necessary on your resume and how wording can assist you in obtaining the job interview. The resume tools may also help you with cover letters. Keep in mind, many agencies want to see a cover letter summarizing your resume or answering why you want that specific job with that specific company.

Advanced Training

Advanced training is usually a free training option to enhance your current education and experience. This can be updated bookkeeping training for an accounting career or similar training that is specific to your career option. You can also find training programs in social media marketing or other fields if you are planning on changing your career. The advanced training may require you to attend online seminars or courses. 

Interview Tools

The problem for many people is with the interview. You can have an outstanding resume and wonderful experience. However, if you sink when it comes to interviews then you may miss out on the job. The interview skills tools are designed to help you with hard-hitting questions the interviewer may ask. The tool can help with the answers you should give, how to word your answers, and how to get through the interview with no problems. 

When you are ready to begin developing your career, consider using some of these online tools. Most are free to use at any time. There are some options that offer various certifications for a monthly fee as well. Make sure you are choosing tools that will work with the job you want and the education or experience you already have. To learn more, contact a company that offers online career development tools.