3 Reasons To Invest In Hard Chrome–Plated Rods

Posted on: 28 January 2021

The rods that you pair with your hydraulic system can have a direct impact on the efficiency of the system as a whole. Rods play a critical role in helping to build and sustain hydraulic power.

One of the easiest ways that you can improve rod efficiency is by investing in hard chrome–plated rods.

Rods that have been treated with a hard chrome plating process can improve the performance of your hydraulic machinery in the future.

1. Increase Rod Hardness

As its name suggests, hard chrome plating can significantly increase the overall hardness of your rods.

A rod is dipped in a mix of nickel and chrome when the plating process occurs. These elements combine and adhere to the surface of the dipped rods. The result is the formation of a protective outer layer made from a nickel-and-chrome solution.

Rods that have been finished with a hard chrome treatment process will be capable of maintaining their structural integrity when faced with the demanding workload of any hydraulic system.

2. Prevent Rod Wear

Rods help to hold various components together within a hydraulic system. This means that your rods will be exposed to many moving parts throughout their lifetimes. Movement can create friction, which has the potential to damage your rods.

The hard chrome plating process helps to create a protective layer that shields the rod against impact damage. Your rods will be able to stand up against any wear caused by loose or faulty components when you opt to include hard chrome–plated rods in your hydraulic machinery.

3. Protect Against Rod Corrosion

Corrosion can be a serious problem in a hydraulic system. Metal components that start to corrode can become weak and break during operation.

Damaged components can cause a hydraulic system to lose power suddenly, putting the safety of anyone near the machine at risk. Corrosion can also result in contamination of the hydraulic fluid moving through a hydraulic system.

Hard chrome plating can help you protect your rods against corrosion. Environmental elements and internal contaminants will not be able to penetrate the nickel-and-chrome layer that forms on the outer surface of your rods during the plating process.

Your hydraulic equipment is only as efficient as the components that make up the hydraulic system powering each machine. Hard chrome–plated rods can give your hydraulic system the stability and reliability needed to improve performance.

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