Porta Potty Installation Tips

Posted on: 3 April 2018

The idea of portable toilet equipment rentals is not that new. Portable toilets have been a solution for a few years now, and people are starting to employ them more and more. It is not only hygienic to use them, but it is also smart. You will be able to go anywhere you may be, as long as a porta potty is installed there. Built out of lightweight plastics that are resistant, portable toilets are useful for anyone, no matter age, sex or other matters like these.

Install the Porta Potty Strategically

It would be ideal if you would install the portable toilets where people have an easy access to them. For example, let's say at festivals. At festivals, people gather around stages. It would be wise if you would place toilets somewhere near where the artists are performing, but hidden. The idea is to put them as close to where people are gathered as possible, but also not in everyone's noses and sights.

Leave Room for an Emergency

No matter what kind of event or which place you want to put the portable toilets, these have to be out of the way. Meaning they are not supposed to impede the passing of emergency cars and personnel. You are not allowed to place anything in the way of emergency services. Firemen need to have access to fire hydrants at all times, and doctors need space to bring the ambulances in.

Stay Away from Food Vendors

It is not only a matter of common sense to place the portable toilets within walking distance from food makers, but also mandatory. You yourself would probably not eat anymore if a toilet were to be in sight. The portable toilets are still toilets after all, so keep them placed somewhere private. Not to mention people wouldn't want to be seen by anyone eating, at the moment when they're about to go.

The Level Ground is Ideal

Before you decide to install the porta potty, make sure the terrain where you want to place it is level. Find a location that is easily accessible and has no ground problems. It is possible for the porta-toilet to fall if not placed on a terrain that is not bumpy.

Shelter It from Wind

The same as with the terrain, the porta potty can fall if the weather is windy. It is lightweight, remember? Shelter the toilet from wind by placing it against a solid structure such as a wall or a fence.

It doesn't matter if it's a one-time gathering or the streets. Places, where people gather or happen to be around, are perfect for portable toilets to be installed. Contact a company like Wirtz Rentals CO for more information and assistance.