Tips For Using Your Reusable Face Shield

Posted on: 8 June 2021

For individuals who want to protect themselves against exposure to harmful bacteria or viruses, it is important to shield the face as this can be one of the areas of the body that can be the most vulnerable to allowing bacteria or viruses to enter your body. To this end, a reusable face shield is an effective tool. Here are some tips for using reusable face shields.

Clean The Face Shield After Each Use

Thoroughly cleaning the face shield after each use is the most basic type of maintenance that you can do for this piece of equipment. When you are cleaning the face shield, it is important to thoroughly sanitize both the exterior and the interior side of it. While there may be substantially less bacteria on the interior side of the face shield, the bacteria that is on the interior side of the face shield will be more likely to result in exposure and infection. By thoroughly sanitizing the entire face shield, you can greatly limit the risk of accidental exposure occurring.

Combine The Face Shield With A Mask

A face shield can be an extremely effective solution for preventing droplets from other individuals from directly landing on your face. However, the face shield may not provide effective protection against viruses and bacteria that can float in the air as these particles will be likely to be inhaled through the air. Combining a face shield with a mask that covers your nose and mouth can substantially reduce this risk. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that may fail to appreciate the need to combine the face shield with a mask, which can leave them more vulnerable to this hazard than they may realize.

Ensure The Face Shield's Strap Is Properly Secured

A common mistake that people will make with their face shields is failing to wear them correctly. In particular, individuals will often attempt to wear the face shield too loose. This can make it unstable, and it can also lead to people being more likely to want to touch the face shield. This can increase the risk of exposure to bacteria or virus particles. When you are putting on the reusable face shield, you will want to make sure that the strap is as secure as possible without being excessively tight. Furthermore, the face shield should be adjusted each time that you put on the face shield as the strap may have become warped when you took it off after the last time that you used it.