Places To Find Owner-Operator Truck Driving Opportunities

Posted on: 19 May 2020

If you've finally obtained your commercial driver's license, you may have decided to purchase your own truck and work as an owner-operator. Independent work as an owner-operator gives you great control over what types of loads you want to haul and when you want to work. You have the freedom to negotiate your own contract, which is a valuable asset for truck drivers.

However, while many truck driving companies advertise with and work with commercial truck driving schools, you might not know where to find owner-operator truck driving opportunities. Owner-operator opportunities aren't as heavily publicized, especially with the truck driving schools. Here are a few places where you might be able to find some owner-operator truck driving opportunities.

Local Job Websites

One of the best places to look for owner-operator jobs, especially if you want something that allows you to be home on a daily basis, is your local job listing websites. There are many regional job search sites and listing boards that can serve as great resources. 

Many of the smaller local companies will list their needs on local boards so that they are targeting only local drivers for simplicity and ease of access. If you are looking for something exclusively close to home, start here.

Truck Stop Boards

The load boards at the truck stops are another great resource for finding jobs for owner-operators. This is particularly true if you'd rather pick and choose your loads versus having an exclusive contract with a specific company. 

The truck stop's load boards will list available hot loads that need to be picked up and delivered to their destinations. These loads are first-come, first-serve. That means you need to be at the truck stop and watching the board to catch an available load before someone else claims it.

This is a great way for new drivers to get started in the industry as well as for established drivers to have more flexibility in their daily work schedule.

Company Research

Finally, another way to get work as an owner-operator is to research some companies that you might like to haul loads for. Look into the company itself, find the contact information for their transportation, shipping, or logistics department. Reach out to that contact and inquire about the availability of shipping contracts.

Cold-calling companies like this can be a tedious process, but it may pay off in the long run if you can establish contracts with one or two companies with contract terms that you define for yourself.