Creating a Custom Headstone for Your Loved One's Grave Site

Posted on: 2 December 2019

When someone we care about passes away, we mark the gravesite not for them but for those who have survived them. A gravemarker is put in place so that family and friends can have a place to visit and find closure. Creating a custom marker that reminds us of them is a great way to preserve some memories, even at the gravesite. 

Choosing a Grave Marker

When you are left to choose a grave marker for a loved one's grave, you may have to look at many different options to try to decide what is the best fit. People often choose large markers because they want it to stand out and be easy for people to find, but it is essential that the marker fits the gravesite as well as looking aesthetically pleasing.

The material the marker is made from can also be a difficult choice. While a basic stone is cheaper, a highly-polished marble or granite looks beautiful and will stand up against the weather for a long time. The polished surface is good at repelling rain, snow, and ice, and less likely to have plants and funguses growing on it years from now. 

Etched Stones

Technology is making its way into grave marker production with automated tools that can cut and shape the stone. Previously, the message and name on the stone required cutting it in by hand, but now, lasers can etch the information onto the stone with fine details.

The process is computer controlled and allows the operator to put pictures and designs onto the marker with relative ease. Things like dear and hunting equipment may appear on the stone of a hunter, or a photo may be etched into the stone so people can see the face of their loved one whenever they visit the grave. 

Installing the Stone

The company that creates the marker will often bring the stone to the gravesite and work with the groundkeeper or cemetery manager to position the marker on the grave. The marker is heavy and requires proper handling to keep it from sustaining any damage during the installation process. 

You may not receive the headstone until after the funeral and graveside service because it can take some time to create. If you want something in place at the time of the funeral, talk to the company about placing something small there in the interim, but remember that this may involve an additional cost. 

Some people want a specific stone and have it created before they pass, and if this is the case, you may only need to get the headstone company to come and add the date of passing onto the stone, and that service is typically included in the price of the stone when it is made. 

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