2 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Restaurant's Two-Door Freezer

Posted on: 2 September 2019

When you own and operate a restaurant, having a working freezer is vital to maintaining the condition of the food you serve to customers. However, there are times when problems with the freezer can sneak up on you. The unit may unexpectedly break down and cost you money in sudden repairs or replacement, as well as spoiled food that has to be thrown away. Occasionally, check for the following signs that your two-door freezer is starting to fail so that you can replace it before this happens.

1.  Ice Builds up Inside the Freezer

One sign for which you should always be on the lookout is ice build-up inside the freezer. At first, it may appear as light frost on the sides of the unit's interior. However, as the problem progressively gets worse, you may notice solid ice chips on the food, as well as blocks of ice forming on the walls of the freezer itself.

There are a couple of possible causes for ice build-up on a two-door freezer. First, the gaskets on the doors may be wearing down. Because they are allowing warm air to enter the freezer, the unit must run colder and more often to compensate. This colder air then turns any condensation into ice. In this case, you may be able to replace the gaskets.

Second, the compressor may be going bad and is only cooling the freezer intermittently. When it warms up, moisture from condensation settles on the surfaces. Then, when the compressor kicks on again and cools the interior, the excess moisture is frozen. In this case, you should replace the freezer since replacing the compressor is often expensive.

2.  Food in Some Areas Do Not Stay Frozen

Another sign that your freezer is failing is when food in some areas do not stay frozen. While it may freeze properly on one side or in the front, you may find warm food that has spoiled on the other side or in the back.

If this happens, the problem is possibly the blower fan motor or the compressor. Since both parts are expensive to replace, you may be better off replacing the failing unit.

If you notice either of the above signs, your restaurant's freezer is most likely getting ready to die and should be replaced before it leaves you with spoiled food that has to be thrown away, costing you a lot of money in waste. If your current budget does not allow for buying a new one, contact a business that offers used two-door commercial freezers for sale to discuss any available options.