The Magic Of Green Screen In Television Production: How Much Do You Know?

Posted on: 22 June 2019

As you sit and eat your morning bowl of cereal this weekend (or any day of the week, for that matter), you are probably watching some morning news program and thinking how amazing the scenery is behind the newscasters in New York, Washington, D.C., etc.. Actually, it might really surprise you to learn that these people are all in the same studios (or very close by) and shooting in front of green screens that formulate virtual sets. With the exception of the newscasters, the desks, and the chairs, everything else is completely fake. Here is some information to add to your knowledge on what is or is not real on these shows anymore is info on these virtual/green screen sets. 


Watch closely. The meteorologists may be pointing at the weather map, but they are staring off to the side of the screen. For more than five decades now, weather predictors have used green screen technology. The weather map is green, and you will never see a weather girl or weatherman wearing green because of this. What he/she sees off-camera is what is projected onto the green screen so that the person making weather predictions can point at the right spots on the maps while talking about the weather. 

Studio Sets

There are more than a dozen different studio set designs created for the virtual broadcasting world. If someone wanted to create a fake news program in his/her basement, or do a funny skit using these virtual studios, then he/she would buy the freestanding green screens and the digital projection for whatever studio set he/she wanted. He/she would not see the set as the viewers see it, but the viewers would see a news studio. 

Iconic Landmarks and Scenery

Not to be outdone, broadcasters and TV show producers can also purchase any number of virtual landmarks and scenery sets as well. Pretend to broadcast a television program from Mount Rushmore, or from Paris at night. In fact, if they want to create their own TV show to air on public television, they have a lot of different scenery options to use as backdrops without the travel expenses and budget necessary to shoot in all of those locations. It is low-budget television production with high budget appearance, something a lot of budding television show producers can definitely get into and enjoy. A good eye for what works and what looks good behind those in a studio or in a scene is necessary.