Frequently Asked Questions About Out-Of-Home Place-Based Media Advertising

Posted on: 24 May 2019

If you have a business that you run out of your home, such as a daycare or salon, you may be unsure of how to advertise to help your business grow. Out-of-home place-based media advertising may be the key to helping you obtain new customers for your home-based business. Here are a few of the questions you may have about out-of-home place-based media advertising and the answers. 

What Exactly Is Out of Home Place-Based Media Advertising?

In order to understand what out-of-home place-based media advertising is, you need to break down this phrase. Out-of-home, simply means that your clients will receive advertisements while 'on the go', or outside of their homes. The next phrase is place-based media advertising. Place-based advertising is a technique that targets people in the area or place where you do business. If someone lives on the other side of town from you, they may not have an incentive to drive to your neighborhood. As such, you want to find people who are local to your area. This is what place based advertising does.

What Are the Benefits of Place-Based Advertising for Your Out of Home Business? 

The major benefit of place-based advertising is that the advertising campaigns are targeting people who already live or work by you. For example, when you run a commercial or a radio ad, people far from you may hear or see it. Those people usually are not your target consumer base. With place-based advertising, your advertising money is spent appealing to those who are most likely to do business with your business as they already frequent the area. 

What Should You Look for When Hiring an Advertising Agency for This Type of Advertising?

When you are looking to hire an advertising agency to help with your out-of-home place-based media advertising, you want to ask an agency what techniques they use to market to those in the area and what their success rate is. Ask for examples of their work and be sure to talk to past clients who have used them. All of this will help you decide if they are the best advertising agency for your needs. 

Drawing customers into your business can be a little tricky. This is why place-based media may be perfect for you. A great advertising agency can help you with an out-of-home place-based media advertising campaign and help you to get the customers you need for your business to thrive.