Amenities To Look For In A Great RV Park

Posted on: 9 May 2019

One of the great ways to travel and see the country is with an RV or trailer camper. You always take your home with you and can stop and stay in a variety of great locations. But when you want to spend a few days, weeks, or months at a specific location, look for an RV park that provides you the conveniences and services you will need to enjoy your time. Here are some tips and insights for amenities of what to look for when you are searching for a great RV park to spend some of your free time traveling.

Propane Service 

When you spend any time in a mobile trailer or RV, you know that the essential amenities of a good location are not only the electricity and sewer dump but also access to refill your propane tanks. The propane tanks on your rig provide you with several conveniences, depending on where you are staying. For example, propane can heat your water for washing dishes, cooking, and showering while you are off the grid, run your stovetop and oven, and warm your furnace on cold nights in a mountain location. 

Without access to more propane, you can run out and your trailer or RV will be unable to provide you some of the essential comforts. So, look for an RV park that has a propane fill-up station on site or that provides you with propane refill delivery service to your RV or trailer. Check with the park office for their available propane services and if you need to pay upfront or if you can pay at the end of your stay at check-out.

If you plan to stay at an RV park more long-term, you can rent a larger-capacity propane tank that you connect your trailer to. Talk to a local propane supplier about the cost to rent their tank and order a supply of propane. Visit websites like to learn more about what your options for accessing propane are.

Laundry Facility

Another great amenity that you want to find at the next RV park you are staying at is a laundry facility. Having a laundry facility on site makes washing your laundry easier while you are taking a break from traveling the country. 

There are many commercial laundromats available across the country, but you may have to fight their crowds and pay an expensive rate for a wash and dry. And if you can find an RV park with laundry facility, you may also be able to drop off your laundry and run back to your home while it is washing.