Four Unique Framing And Photo Ideas For Family Portraits

Posted on: 25 January 2018

Your yearly family portrait captures the changes in your lives, and choosing unique ways to frame and present these pictures can add to the beauty of each image. Work with your custom framing shop to professionally frame your photos, and use these ideas as inspiration for creating unique ways to present the pictures.

Repurposed Framing Materials

Your home can be a treasure trove of framing materials, and it's easy to repurpose items in your home to create one-of-a-kind frames. You can use the crib rails from an old crib, or you can salvage wood from an old dresser or chair you might otherwise throw away. Talk to your framing shop about how much material would be needed to frame your photo and if the materials you want to use will be suitable for a frame.

Annual Shadow Boxes

Instead of simply framing your yearly portrait, consider making it a true time capsule by creating a shadow box filled with mementos from throughout the year. Some items you can put in the shadow box might include dried flowers from a family wedding, ticket stubs from a sporting event you attended together, or a piece of the receiving blanket you brought your newborn home in. Your framing shop can arrange these items around the family portrait to create a beautiful display.

Family Photo Collage

When you sit for your family portrait, have each person sit for an individual photo shoot in addition to the group shot. Select the best solo images of each family member, and have your framing shop create a unique collage to display all of the images together. You might want to put the family portrait in the center and have each individual picture arranged around the group photo. Your framing shop can also create custom matting to highlight each photo in the collage.

Photo-In-Photo Frame

One unique way to chronicle the events of the year is to have your professional framers create a custom frame that uses pictures as the border for your family portrait. Select black and white photos to make up the actual frame, leaving the family portrait in color for a striking contrast. Essentially, this idea uses a boarder of smaller picture frames to create one large one, turning your wall into a family photo album for the year. Have a new one created every year to tell the story of your family in photos.

A professional framing shop, like Keeton's Office Supply, may have even more ideas for how you can present your family photos in unique ways, so be sure to ask for additional suggestions.