Need New Gym Floor Tarps For Your School? Look For These Features

Posted on: 8 May 2017

Before investing in new gym floor tarps for your school, make a list of qualities and features to look for that will help keep you on track during your search and ensure that your final investment decision is the right one for everyone involved. Here are a few features to get you started:  

Fire Retardant

Your new gym floor tarp should be fire retardant to minimize the chance of damage and injury during your school events. Look for a tarp system that complies with major agencies such as the National Fire Protection Association and the Underwriter Fire Protection Test. Fire retardant certified gym floor tarps are made with special materials and treated to reduce the chance of them catching on fire due to a dropped candle or other mishap.

Customization Options

It's also a good idea to choose gym floor tarps that offer customization options so you can have your school logo embellished on them. You can even have the tarps customized to feature your school colors or a mascot. By submitting a photo or digital depiction of the customizations you want, the company you buy your tarps from should be able to have the décor printed directly on your new tarps.

A Rolling Installation System

There's no reason you should have to spend an hour installing the gym floor tarps when they're needed for an event, so make sure that the tarps you choose come with a rolling installation system to take advantage of. When not in use, your tarps would be stored on the rolling system in a supply closet or corner of the gym. When they're needed, you would simply put the rolling systems against one wall and then roll the tarps out flat toward the opposite wall. When you're done using the tarps, just roll them back up on their bars and store them away again. Most rolling systems should be easy enough for students to help when it comes time to set up and clean up.

Slip Resistance

Some tarp systems have slick surfaces that increases the chance of slipping and falling when people walk on them. If you aren't planning to fill your gym with chairs for everyone to sit in and they'll be walking around instead, make sure that the gym floor tarps you decide to invest in have a slip-resistant surface  that will grip peoples' shoes and help prevent them from slipping if they accidentally step on liquid or food debris.

Looking out for the features listed here should help make it easier to find a tarp system that meets the needs of your school now and in the years to come.  For more information, talk to a professional like Billboard Tarps.