Effective Ways To Turn A Temporary Position Into A Permanent One

Posted on: 4 May 2017

Looking to turn a temporary assignment into a permanent role? Understand that you play the biggest part. Sure, some companies are specifically looking for someone to permanently fill a role. However, there are those companies who start out seeking a short-term fix and find themselves so impressed with the new team member that they decide to change the job into a permanent position. If you want to have this type of impact, learn what you can do.

Don't Try Too Hard

You're probably looking at this tip with a state of confusion, but it's an important one to follow. Trying too hard can make you look desperate, needy and maybe even a little annoying. These are three qualities that are not inviting in the workplace, no matter the industry.

Let your work shine, not your willingness to compliment your boss all day and keep them stocked up on all the coffee they need and want. Not only will this be bothersome to your boss, but the other employees you work with could be annoyed by this. If the company asks for feedback from these people before extending you a position, this could backfire.

Show What You Can Offer

With traditional employment, an employer reviews your resume and has an interview with you, giving them more info about your experience and what you offer. With temporary employment, this is not always the case as some companies rely totally on the staffing agency to field employees. If the latter is the case for you, it's important that you let the company know what you can offer them.

Again, you don't want to try too hard and print resumes to hang all over the office, but when moments present themselves, you can bring up little things about your education and work background, as well as any career achievements you've made with other companies.

Be A Part Of The Team

Make yourself an intricate part of the team. If you act like a temp, you will be treated as such. When you make yourself a part of the team, you prove yourself to be valuable to the organization. If the opportunity to take on additional tasks arises, take it.

Taking on more roles and taking complete ownership of your tasks makes you someone that is dependable and necessary. You also don't want to have the temp mindset when it comes to the quality of work you offer. Do everything like you will be around in the future to stand by it.

If you want to turn a temporary role into a permanent position, remember that it begins and ends with you. Do your part to become a permanent member of the team. For additional career guidance, refer to companies like The Employment Source.