3 Important Pieces Of Safety Equipment For Your New Restaurant Kitchen

Posted on: 2 May 2017

If you and your business partners are in the process of building out the kitchen for your new restaurant, then it's very important that you have the proper safety equipment lined up and ready to go. The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, and because it's where all of the heavy work is being done, you need to be aware of safety issues that can cause problems. So, here are three important items that you need to have in the kitchen to protect the back of house and also your property.

Slip-Resistant Rubber Floor Mats

Floors get slippery in kitchens—it's just a fact of the business. You can't have a porter running around during dinner service mopping up every single spill, especially those that happen on the cooking line. That would be pandemonium and clog up the line for the chefs. But you also can't just let liquid sit on the tiled floor. The solution is to get slip-resistant rubber mats for the areas where there is tight space and likely spills (prep stations, cooking line). These are rubber mats with diamond-shaped openings that allow liquid to drain through. The additional benefit to the rubber mats is that they help alleviate some of the stress your staff will feel due to standing all day.

Fire-Suppression Restaurant Hoods

One of the big hazards you need to be prepared for is a grease fire. If that happens and you are not prepared with a fire-suppression restaurant hood system, then your entire kitchen could become engulfed in flames. Not only will this clear out the restaurant for the night and cost you serious money in both a loss of business and in repair bills, but it could endanger the lives of your staff.

These restaurant hoods have fire-suppression systems integrated into the hoods so that, should a large fire break out (not a small flame such as a saucepan flambe), it will be extinguished. Click here to read more about these systems.

Upblast Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan is also super important. If you don't have a good fan, then the smoke from the cooking can clog the air. This not only makes it hard to breathe, but your cooks might actually have difficulty seeing and end up slicing a finger while they are dicing food. When choosing a fan, make sure to choose an upblast fan. These ones draw the air out. There are some "exhaust fans" that work by bringing in air (known as downblast exhaust) which are not ideal for kitchen environments.